Monday, October 6, 2008

All Church Camp Out 2008

August 22-24 was the 8th annual All Church Camping Trip that we've attended while being at Rainier View Christian Church. This year it was again at Pleasant Valley Christian Camp and we stayed in a cabin (Mr. Andy has let us use his super deluxe RV in years past - but they needed it this time for a vacation). We had a lot of fun hanging out with friends and our family and playing games. It was a great time - except for Peter's midnight spewing all over the cabin floor and his having to sleep the whole next day. And sadly, every other family that was there got sick after the trip too - sorry.

I decided to have a boat race for anyone that wanted to compete. I thought it would keep the kids all busy and they'd have fun building boats. They could only use natural materials. But it ended up being a lot of work for Grandpa. I think he carved 6 boats out of wood!
Here's his clan supporting his work.

The boat racers and their boats! We raced down at the creek. It was so cute to see everyone's creations, and if they even floated. Emma and Viviana won both the big and little boat races! 

Uncle Chris brought his cool bus to camp in, which they've been doing all summer at different camp sites, and it's such a hit with the kids. They always had visitors because all the kids would go over and "drive" the bus.

Game Time! That's really all the adults do. We love it! We're such nerds. The kids played a lot on their own and felt so free being able to go with other "big kids" to the playground or the bridge all by themselves. Plus Auntie Tonya and Grandma were there too - so we didn't even see our little ones that much. It was like a big group date - with a sick boy.

Kivi and Auntie Tonya going to take a shower. 
If you want a good laugh, ask Tonya about it!

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