Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ode To Mimi

I love Mimi! During the 2 weeks my family was here it was so much fun to have her up. The kids loved spending time with their Mimi and she was so much fun to play with, they wanted to do everything with her.  

Mimi drawing with Eben and Jasper on the driveway with chalk. I think she's making an apple tree.

You've seen her on the jet ski in my previous blog, but I have to show her jumping on the trampoline too. She was such a good sport!

I had to take Buggy, Nonnie and Mimi with me to Zumba. Because I LOVE it! I wish Aunt Sherri could've come too, but she came later. Here's Mimi grooving to the Latin beat. Shake it, Mimi!

Mimi and her rejuvenating cucumber treatment. Those kids can wear you out, you gotta take a break when you can!

Painting the girl's room pink.

At the zoo! Bubba loves Mimi. He really got to know her on this visit and now all of the pictures he draws are of "Mimi, Bubba, Mimi, Bubba"

The very talented Mimi - holding Opal in one arm and playing baseball with Kivi.

Mimi was so helpful, here she is trimming the hedges. And here's Bubba trying to help Mimi with his little scissors.

The beautiful princesses at Kivi's birthday party.

Thank you Mimi for coming up and spending time with us. We miss you -  come back soon!


Tiffany said...

I love these pictures and all your recent updates! Mimi is wonderful! Totally love the Zumba picture! SHAKE IT MIMI!

Crystal said...

What a cool Mimi! How special that she is so willing to get down and dirty!

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