Thursday, November 6, 2008

Free Pumpkins!

10-25-08   We go to a lot of pumpkpin patches, but we didn't even have to buy a pumpkin this year! The Lakewood Fire Dept. had a free Pumpkin Fest. The kids got to put out a fire target with the fire hose, jump on the bouncy toy, dress up as fire fighters, and pick out a free pumpkin. We got there at the very end when they were packing up, and they still had 300 pumpkins left over! So we brought home 5! We will definitely remember this for next year! No wonder all little kids want to grow up to be fire fighters!

Eben the fire fighter - he looks like a muchkin from The Wizard of Oz.

Kivi, too afraid to actually hold onto the hose, fighting the fire.


Everyone picking out the perfect pumpkin.

Opie, waiting for everyone to make their decision. Happy girl!

Dada had to make 3 trips with the wheelbarrow to get all those pumpkins and kids to the car.


Tiffany Nevil said...

Wow, what a blast!

Jeremy and Laura Lebow said...

Did you get a new camera? For some reason, your pictures don't load on my computer sometimes, or, if they do, it takes forever! Are you using a high resolution or something?

Cathi Tague said...

My favorite one is the one of the kids looking down into their pumpkins to make sure all of the seeds are out. Too cute! Love, Nonnie