Saturday, November 15, 2008

Our Garden Family

This year for Halloween our family was a garden. Peter was the gardener, I was the representative plant life (a flower if you can't tell), Eben was the caterpillar, Kivi was a bumble bee, Jasper was the garden gnome, and Opal was a butterfly.

Our Halloween festivities included a party at the Wright's house the week before, trick-or-treating at one house on the 31st; our neighbors, Mr. John and Miss Marie, who are married, that's just what we call them (They gave each kid a huge bag of candy and winter gloves!), and lastly, Nite Lite, our church's event!! Our collective young family HFGs (Biblestudies) got together the night before Halloween to set up the maze, our annual contribution for the event. The guys did an awesome job putting PVC and black visqueen together to make the winding labyrinth. It ended up being the highlight for most everyone. The kids also enjoyed the jumpy toy, scooter race, the cookie walk, and the pick a duck game.


Anonymous said...

Love, love your garden photo!
Aunti Tonya

Mashel said...

Very cute new background!

Mashel said...

Oh cute, you added your picture on the top. It is very cute! I love it! Good job, look at how blog-savvy you have become! ha ha

Mashel said...

Hey go look on my blog, there is a present there for you!