Saturday, November 15, 2008

How the Johnsons Carve a Pumpkin

On October 27th we decided it was time to carve all those pumpkins. 
This is how we did it:

#1. Wash the pumpkin.

#2 Draw the face.

#3 Have Dada cut off the top.

#4 Scoop out the seeds.

#5 Make sure all the seeds are out.

#6 Have Dada cut out the face.

#7 Put a candle inside and light it.



1 comment:

Mashel said...

I love the ones where they are all doing the same exact thing! Especially the one where they are all looking inside. Too cute! But.... where is little Opie? She didn't get to participate at all? Did you at least stick her inside a pumpkin?