Thursday, April 2, 2009

Up Till The Ides of March....

The beginning of March included a lot of stay at home activities. Both Eben and Kivi have quiet reading time now while Jasper and Opal take a nap. We make a huge mess every day and then try to get it cleaned up by the time Dada comes home. Dada is very patient with us on the days we don't. We've been going to Mops every Tues. at Rainier View Christian Church and Lake City.  Wednesday we have HFG, our small group, which meets at our home. (So this is a no option cleaning day.) 

March 3 - We went to an indoor water park in Federal Way. The kids loved it. They floated around in their life jackets, and on inner-tubes, went down the water slide and played in the spray jets.

March 9 - Kivi got her "Baby Jesus Set", which she has been asking for since November. She even asked Santa and he said, "You want a what?" To which I replied, "A baby Jesus, you know the reason we have this holiday?" He just gave me a blank look. She earned her set by keeping her panties dry at night time for 2 weeks - a major accomplishment!

March 10 - I finished the girl's matching skirts and they wore them to Mops. The boys both had green on too, so I took a picture of all of them. 

March 13 - Eben gets computer time. Peter set him up with his own log-in and he loves it. He gets to play on the computer after he does his reading, until the end of nap time. His favorite sites are and And he's forever getting new ideas of what we should cook.
Ok so it's not the Ides, but it's close to the middle.


Crystal said...

Fun! You guys have been busy:) The house always looks great on Wednesdays! Keep up the good work:)

Steve & Sarabeth said...

Travis loves pbskids, is his other favorite.

Deb said...

Eben should check out great for little readers! :-)