Saturday, August 22, 2009

End of July Recap

July 10th - The Kid's Surprise Dada
We surprised Dada in his little work cubicle for his birthday. We had a coworker call about a fake meeting so we could get Dada to come to the police station and we hid and yelled "Surprise!" as he came to his desk. They were so excited to give him balloons, cards and a cake, which said, "sexy 31". (Happy Birthday didn't fit.) When Eben asked what sexy meant I told him that it meant we thought Dada was the best looking dada ever. He nodded his head and agreed.

July 11th - Alaska Airlines Party
The Grondahls invited us come to Wendy's company picnic which was held at Remlinger Farms. It was so much fun! It was one of those times I wished our kids weren't on a schedule so we could've kept them up forever. There was so much to do we didn't even get to it all. We were able to cram in lassoing, bull riding, a clown show, panning for treasure in the creek, face painting, going on the jumpy toy and obstacle course, and a great feast! So thanks so much Rich and Wendy! We had such a great time!!

July 12th - Peter's Real Surprise
We gathered at Stanley and Seafort's for Peter's real surprise birthday celebration with friends and family under the guise of an HFG event (Thanks Shari!). So Peter actually ended up making his own plans and making it harder for everyone. But it was the first time I've succeeded in keeping it a real secret. He's really good at finding things out. And he had no idea of his very detailed birthday cake, a journey of his life, by Adeliz.

July 14th - NASA & the government
It was Kivi's birthday, but we didn't celebrate it... yet. We sang, "Happy Birthday" and Dada went with her to Home Depot to buy a bar and rings for the play toy. (So now she can do flips, our adventurous girl!)
Then we went to Olympia to see the NASA Space trailer, which really was not all that impressive. The only cool thing in the whole big rig was the moon rock that we got to touch, which looked more like a tumbled stone.

We figured the kids would all want to go to the Children's Museum afterward, since it's right across the street, but they all wanted to go see the capital building. It really was great and gynormous. (I don't think that's really a word, so I can't spell it wrong.) And we were the only ones in there. The kid's favorite part was eating ice cream in "the cave", a really dark room they found with tables in it.

July 17-19th - LC3 MOPS Steering Retreat
I'm going to be the Table Leader Leader for my Mops group at Lake City next year, and our retreat was at a quaint cottage in Sea Brooke. All the houses in the development were Cape Cod, wrap around porch, cedar shake style and the one we stayed at was decorated so cute. I had so much fun getting to know the girls better and planning out our year. Not to mention the hot tub, great food (thanks Becca!), and beautiful views of the ocean!

July 19th - Backyard Camp-out
We finally purchased a tent! And we had to try it out, so we set up camp on the lawn. The kids had so much fun bringing all their household "necessities" into the tent, but there was no room to sleep. So they had to take it all back inside and make room for the sleeping bags. As we were all making our way to the backyard for the final time (after putting Opal to sleep in her crib, in the house - cheating, I know), Kivi loudly whispers, "I see a deer!" Peter and I are thinking she's really getting into this! How fun! And then we both see a real live deer in the direction she's pointing. It was standing right next to the play toy, about 15 feet away!
We did some neat s'mores, with fingers as roasting sticks and no fire. And then got jammies on and read our night-time book The Princess and The Goblin while snuggling in our sleeping bags. Then Peter and I watched a movie on his brand new iphone to test out the quiet 3 room tent feature and fell asleep. Only to be woken up at stinkin' 3 in the morning to our neighbor who calls her cats in every night. The obnoxiously loud cat calling lasted a good 1/2 hour. I wanted to yell, "Woman, it's a cat, and we're trying to sleep outside in a tent. Shut-up!" But I didn't. And none of the kids woke up. I'm just glad that regularly we sleep in a cement house, and don't hear a thing.

Oh, and on July 28th, it reached 104* - yes, in WA!

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