Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Fourth!

The 4th of July = Big Party at our house! We look forward to the fun of having lots friends over, swimming, eating and of course fireworks!

Here's Jasper sporting the look of summer:

Clara and Opal in their patriotic colors with matching confused looks:

Eben and Hayden hard at work digging a trench:

Peter and I and our little people on the dock:

The famous "Sparkler Picture":

Last year Peter got free sparklers with the fireworks he bought and we got smoked out. So this year he bought top of the line fireworks, and they were so powerful and emitted such a flame, that we all got burned. One of these years we'll get it right!

A super-excited Kivi, ready to light her roman candle:

All the boys waiting in the roman candle line on the dock:
The firework show at the end of the night was fantastic this year - a great ending to a wonderful day!

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Jeremy and Laura Lebow said...

I love the one of our babies! Poor kiddos didn't know what was going on! The sparkler one is crazy, too . . . I am somewhere in the middle, crouched down low, trying to help Liz and Alex make their way OUT of the chaos and stop crying! Fun times!