Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Finally Summer!

This summer has been very late in coming! We didn't officially see the sun until late July. We have seen Poppie and Nonnie a lot though. They came up to work on their rentals mid July and we convinced them after 4 days of not seeing them at all (they were sleeping at the rental, on the floor) to at least spend their nights over here. When we were finally able to see the sun we spent some days preparing for our upcoming house boat trip by playing in the lake, jet skiing and tubing. Even Berg enjoyed a couple of jet ski rides!

Nonnie got creative with a paint brush taped onto the end of a pole and now we finally have a finished living room! It even inspired us to put up the remaining curtains over the stairs.

And I found a place for all those 4 month baby pictures! The family tree wall - of course! Repainting helps you see more clearly.

Poppie and Nonnie have been sleeping in the girls room, so all the kids sleep in the boys room, the girls have their own little nest beds on the floor and Berg is in his play pen. I moved the mini T.V. and the cool antique drawers that have never had a home into their room. The drawers store all our videos and the T.V. only plays videos - it's perfect. They are allowed to watch them on weekend mornings and we get to sleep in! We all love this new addition!

We've done three VBSs this summer! The first one was July 11-15 - Panda Mania at Oberlin. (Jasper's favorite) The second was July 18-22 - Hometown Nazareth that our whole family participated in at Lake City. (Eben's favorite) And the third was August 1-5 - Son Surf at Little Church on the Prairie. (Kivi's favorite) We set up a VBS shrine on the mantle so we could admire their work. VBS = a million crafts.


Jeremy and Laura Lebow said...

Way to be "VBS Junkies!" I will definitely be sending Clara to more than one next summer . . . most of them wouldn't take them until age 4, though. We did do ours, though, and I led the music, of course. :)

Tiffany Nevil said...

WOW! I cannot believe how big all the kids are looking in these pics! I keep thinking Opal is Kivi and having to remind myself that no...that is in fact Ops! AH! And you know...you still haven't posted pics of the transformation for poor schucks like me who cannot drive to your house, walk in and take a look around. My curiousity for how it all worked out is not quenched! But I still love you. :D

Unknown said...

don't remember your email: mine is mamaemmot@gmail.com please email me when you can. we have some news..... :) and I miss you a ton!!!! hey when you see ChristineEss Young next, tell her hello for me. you and her are the two I remember and think of the most often. hugs.... :)