Friday, September 16, 2011

Mimi Time!

After the houseboat trip, everyone, including Nonnie, Poppie, my two sisters Shmee (previously known as Dodie) and Buggy came up north to WA! The drive was not so pleasant for me as I was throwing up during the lovely, bumpy ride home. But Nonnie and Buggy took good care of me and the kids. Sadly Buggy only stayed for two days and then had to get back for college (plus she was probably extremely Kirk-sick as she hadn't seen her love for nearly a week!). But the next day, August 23, Mimi flew into town to spend some time with us while Nonnie and Poppie worked on their rental which is on our lake. Of course she brought "Basket of Presents" with her!

We took Mimi to Northwest Trek and saved bucco bucks thanks to all the kids' awesome summer reading and the library's reward system.

We saw many cool animals, like the bald eagle, really close up.

While we waited for our turn on the tram ride, where we saw every animal there is to see, we did a plant scavenger hunt and ate licorice.

Me, Mimi and Baby Wormie (the most kickingest little thing ever!) Mimi kept telling me to take a break and sit down the whole time she was here and was a great help with the kids and the dishes and laundry!

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Tiffany Nevil said...

I think Baby Wormie is a feisty little girl. And if it is, I also think it is hilarious that all your kiddos have ended up in an A-B repeating know, boy-girl-boy-girl....etc. Aren't you due soon woman?!