Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sand In The City '11

How do I know my sweet hubby loves me? He told me when Sand in the City was happening and that we could all go! This is love because Peter hates things with crowds, and this was definitely a crowd type event. But he told me anyway and even better he came with us! I love to see the different creativity and ideas people come up with for the sculptures. My favorite was the elephants:
Dada got really good at large bubble tricks.
The girls were so cute in their matching ruffle skirts which I made out of a used sheet and some free tule. They got so many comments on them and of course, I can't lie, that made me feel really good.

Our traditional picture is usually in front of the Children's Museum one, but they were still working on it, it's the one in the way back. So I guess this still counts.
We had lunch with some friends from our small group, let the kids chose a craft (there are millions they could do there) and then left to buy some flowers at the farmer's market for our newest friend, baby Pippa, whom we were on our way to see at the hospital.


Cedar said...

Those are some cool sculptures and the skirts are adorable! Of course you are a beautiful family!

Thanks for giving me the name of the white berries. It was bugging me...but not enough to google it. :)

Tiffany Nevil said...

Is baby Pipa also Piper Maine? Or did I get the name wrong. *GASP*! I'm glad Kim doesn't do anything on line. Don't tell her. :D

Those skirts are pretty adorable. I like the idea of the tule to fluff them out. Way fun!

Miss you guys! I think I owe you a phone call very soon. :D