Monday, November 21, 2011

Baby Wormie's Belly Picture

Froggy Belly - 2003

Baby Egg Belly - 2005

Thumbkin Belly - 2006

Baby Bean Belly - 2008

Baby Oly Belly - 2010

On Nov. 9th my sister, Shmee, came down and took the 9 month belly picture that I have to have for every kid. So now we're all set! I actually can't believe how well the kids did at this. They are all smiling and looking up and four of them have their hands on the belly! If you've ever tried to get a picture of five kids at the same time you'll know - that's amazing. And it only took a couple of minutes!! Thank you Shmee!

Baby Wormie Belly - 2011

I'm so proud of these little guys! They are such awesome kids. Whenever I need a break or to lie down or just not have anyone jump on me at the moment - they are so quick to have me lie down, give me back rubs, make me sweet cards and love me. I know they learned that from their Dada and not me. I'm horrible at compassion and empathy.

They already love this baby and she's not even here. (Have I mentioned I really think this baby is going to be a girl. We have no clue, but that's my opinion. Sorry Wormie if you're a boy.) They are always talking to, rubbing, and kissing my belly. This baby is going to be very loved!


Tiffany Nevil said...

One more day! I cannot believe you've made it this far. I think it is a girl too...just my opinion. :D If it isn't a girl, it'll mess the whole boy-girl pattern up! We are excited for you guys. :) Hope you get some sleep...soon!

flowertotmum said...

O look amazing..your going to have a girlie..
I have 6 pictures of my bumps that my lovely hubby took when i went into hospital with each of them...and he is going to have to take another one next year when i have bump 7...i am so excited for you and your family..good luck fingers crossed and my prayers will be for you and your family tonight