Monday, November 7, 2011


We didn't get our pumpkins until the 23rd and since we didn't make it to the free fire fighter pumpkin give away we decided to go to the great pumpkin lot - Walmart!! Hey, you can't beat a $2.98 pumpkin.
A friend from church gave us a great idea for my kids to paint my belly to look like a pumpkin so we could take a picture of...
All our little pumpkins!
Finally on the 30th we got around to actually carving the pumpkins. This ended up to be a great plan. They stayed fresh and didn't rot like last year. And we were able to cook them up for pumpkin butter, pumpkin soup, pie, and pumpkin crisp! They are fun to look at, but they are even better to eat!
This year, Eben and Kivi carved theirs all by themselves! Bergie helped me carve his pumpkin by poking the pieces out and then eating them.
He and Opal had so much fun just putting the cut out pieces in the pumpkin and taking them back out over and over again.
We also celebrated my birthday this night, Dada and the kids had bought me an ice cream cake from Coldstone's the day before, my actual birthday. But I didn't get home from the Women of Faith Conference, my real gift, until the kids were in bed so we ate it then.
After ice cream, the kids got in jammies and we took spooky pumpkin pictures and gave out pumpkin design awards.
Jasper - the happiest
Opal - the cutest
Kivi - the scariest
Berg - the coolest
Eben - the most frightening