Friday, November 11, 2011

An Incredible Harvest Carnival!

Eben got the idea last October to have us all go as The Incredibles in the year 2011. (Actually, he wanted to do it for last year's costumes, but we knew I'd need more than a week to get all the costumes together. So we told him we'd do it the next year.) True to our word we, Dada included, donned the tight, tight red shirt with the sewed on paper logo and some lovely red tights with black underwear! Eben's hair was definitely the trickiest part of the costumes as we didn't know how his hair was going to stick straight up 6 inches. But we found some punk rock gel called Gorilla Snot - and it worked. He had to be in an upside-down position until it dried.

Everyone turned out looking pretty Incredible! We've never had our picture taken by more strangers! Everyone stopped us to get us to pose and some people were even trying to secretly snap a shot on their phone. Peter in tights will be on the internet for all to see I'm sure. (Well, now it definitely is.) He's really happy about that.

Our Incredible Cast:
Dada - Mr. Incredible
Mama - ElastiGirl
Kivi - Violet
Jasper - Dash
Berg - Jack Jack
Eben - Syndrome
Opal - Edna Mode

We headed to the gym at Lake City's Harvest Carnival first this year and made it to ten booths before the kids were done playing games and ready to eat.

Grandpa and Grandma met up with us and watched the kids play games and have fun getting their pics taken by strangers.

Then we ate the free little dinner of corn dogs and soda. It was also Incredible that Berg left his mask on the entire time we were there! He even ate his dinner with it on.

The kids played the cupcake walk game and Opal was so excited to win her own cupcake. She was so darn cute in those glasses!

Me and my Mr. Incredible - I love him so much. He would do just about anything to make his family happy. Tights and underwear in public = the greatest Dada and Hubby ever!

Back at home the kids "got busy" trading and dividing up their candy between each other. A favorite part of the 31st!

After the trading, Berg decided to show off his hidden skills and walk! He took about 4-5 steps between Peter and I over and over. It was a treat! His little trick - he hasn't done it since.


Tiffany Nevil said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHH! WOW! I am so impressed with how well you pulled this all together Abby! Great job! And Peter, dude, you deserve "hubbs of the year" award for letting your wife photograph this AND post it on the blog know, for actually going through with it. What an "incredible" family! HA! Love it!

Krystal~ said...

Love it! What a great year at the carnival!~ And yes.... I added comments just for you! :)

flowertotmum said...

Now that is so cute..what a lovely little family you have..and your hubby is a darling...your are a lucky lucky lady...mind you mine did dress as tarzan one year...haha,it was soo funny..bless him.
love to you and yours

AWeedon said...

AWESOME! I love the pic of Eben letting his hair dry. So funny!:) Well done!

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