Monday, May 21, 2012

12 Years of Marital Awesomeness

Since we got a Vitamix and a nice drill for our 12th anniversary and we had just gone to Long Beach and a homeschool conference I figured we had celebrated our 12th anniversary already. I even mentioned to Peter that this was a rare year for us not to go alone somewhere together for our anniversary. But little did I know (although I should have, I married the most romantic man in the world), that he'd long since planned a get away for us. As I was gardening on May 7th (It's been sunny and warm, and I can't stay out of the garden!) Peter mowed the lawn while the Berg and Opal had the greatest time chasing him around the lawn, he nonchalantly says, "Well, you better get packed up, we're leaving.". Hee Hee! Surprises! 

Just as I'm going inside to pack up, Marlee comes driving down the driveway to stay with the kids - all of them! Yay for older, responsible, trust-worthy nieces!

First, we got pedicures together. It was fun and different because I talked Peter into having one with me. He said it was totally worth it if just for the massage the chair gives you while your having it done.

Then he took me to a vegan restaurant in Tacoma called Hilltop Quickie because he knew I've been wanting to try good tasting, "good for you" food. The best thing we had was the mac and yease, which our cook/waitress told us was the vegan substitute for mac and cheese made with nutritional yeast. It sounded gross but it was better than any regular mac and cheese I've had and I've had some really good mac and cheese. We were so full we couldn't even finish our meal. 
After that we went to a cute little boutique and Peter bought me a blouse, a flowery one, because I want to wear more fun colorful prints and patterns and I'm trying to not match. It's my new fashion thing I'm doing which I call "Shine of Rainbows" I love it. It feels so free and fun and different!
We got some cupcakes and then headed to our destination…Puyallup! As part of our effort to try all the bed and breakfasts in our part of the woods and spend more time actually vacationing rather than driving to our vacation, this was perfect! Peter had booked a charming, perfectly decorated B& B with gorgeous landscaping called Hedman House. This was our room!
 Our innkeeper, Normajean, was a sweet Christian woman who made us feel so welcome, had excellent attention to detail and was a wonderful cook!

We went to a garden store called Watson's where we found a hedgehog boot scraper, something we have both been wanting. 

Then we went thrift store shopping -my favorite thing ever! I love finding "treasures" for so cheap! Here are all our finds. I had to stop so we could have dinner. We dined at the Hungry Goose for dinner,  and then went back and had a soak in the hot tub.

The next morning we woke up (early because I missed some pumping sessions the day before), pumped lots of milk, did our devotions in the hot tub and put on my new "Shine of Rainbows" outfit, my blouse from the boutique and my skirt Peter bought me during our trip to the homeschool conference.

We had a yummy breakfast of baby Dutch Babies filled with fruit, sausage and a parfait.

 Then we came back home! It was a relaxing, fun surprise. I love spending time with my hubby! I can't believe we've been married for twelve years!
I love you Peter Johnson!

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Momacita said...

Do you ever wonder what you did to deserve such a wonderful life? How good is God that He would bless you with the perfect mate? We love to watch how Peter loves and cares for you. He should give classes!! Love,