Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Holy Week Days 5-8

 Day 5 - The Farewell Feast
Our own Passover
 The kids all wanted to celebrate our own Passover, even though we had celebrated one at church, because they really love this holiday. Symbolism is fun for kids and repetition is important in the learning process. So we put a Seder plate together and got the Haggadah out and Dada led us through the Passover in our own non-formal style. We sat on the floor, and set up our mini bar of grape juice and hand washing station on their little table by the fireplace.

 We always celebrate our Passover on the Thursday before Easter, regardless of when the calendar says it is because that's when Jesus would have had His and we celebrate Holy Week as things happened in the week before His Resurrection.
We had pork for dinner (oops, so not Kosher!) But Dada got to pick the meal since it was his first day of real food again. Then we resumed the Passover festivities, which included Kivi finding the Affikoman and being rewarded a dollar!

 Day 6 - Good Friday - The Crucifixion
 The kids made their own crosses, we watched the kid's version of the Passion of the Christ and they dyed their fingers our chickens eggs, which turned out to be beautifully muted because of the brown shells.

Day 7 - In the Tomb

Instead of going to one of the mad-house, commercial eggs hunts we've attempted in the past with different lawns sectioned off in age categories (I was by myself, I don't even know how that would've worked!) we opted for our own egg hunt. I stuffed some plastic eggs with candy and hid them all over the yard. The kids loved it! They didn't even miss a huge egg hunt. 

 And we were able to spot the new blooms of Spring!

Then all the kids got baths. This was the first all girly bath! Pella got to be with the big girls.

We also made these really cool empty tomb cookies. Every ingredient had a different part of the Easter story and a Bible verse to look up that corresponded to the ingredient, like vinegar, for when Jesus was dying on the cross that He was offered. Yep, we put vinegar in the cookies. When Dada came home we were able to go to our church's Good Friday service.

Day 8- Easter Sunday - The Resurrection!

We celebrated by wearing our matching outfits - again! I made the boys boutonnieres, but learned the hard way, big boys don't like boutonnieres. Jasper and Berg loved them though!
 We also ate our empty tomb cookies, which we had to leave in the oven all night - OOoooo! 
Then we went to Uncle Chris and Uncle Tonya's house to celebrate the Resurrection with everyone! And we had the most delicious dinner that Uncle Chris made - ham and corned beef - mmmm.

He Arose!

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Momacita said...

Pork and ham! Yes definitely not kosher, but thank's to Christ we are no longer under the law. Praise God, the tomb is empty. He has risen indeed!!!!
I love you,