Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Berg's Monster Truck Party!

Our Berg turned 3 and was insistent on having a monster truck party. I tried to have it just be a truck party, but he was very specific. So monster truck theme it was. (Here's the invite with the exact truck he picked out and the cake before it broke 3 different times. Rice Crispy treats aren't that hardy apparently. I didn't freak out though, because I figure it was suppose to be monster truck and those get really beat up.)

The week before I had the kids transform an area of our garden where I removed all the plants into a mini monster jam. Berg loved it! 

We got new batteries for our four-wheelers, which Berg hadn't even seen in his lifetime, and were going to use our driveway loop to make a track for the kids to drive the trucks around. The day of the party, it rained. No outside backyard party for us. We quickly loaded the bus full of decorations, food, trucks and the go cart and headed to our church.
We set up in the foyer hoping that in between rainy sessions the kids could still go out and ride the four wheelers and go cart around. Little did we know the kids would stay out there riding and racing the whole time. They didn't care if they were soaking wet. It was nice for the adults though to have a dry place to hang out.

The boy wanted pizza, so pizza he got. Which made food super easy! Hubcap pizza, mini off road tires (olive salad), spare tires (Oreos), fruit, and our refueling station with motor oil (root beer) and antifreeze (Squirt) made for one happy Berg.

 Kivi and Eben traded off giving all the kids super fast, scary rides on the go cart all around the church parking lot, which worked out even better than our loop would've.

Berg loved being out there with all the kids, getting some special attention, running free, chasing cars (not real ones), and getting pushed by his friends (even though it was a fully functioning battery powered jeep).

He wore this finger light the whole time. The kids had gotten at a birthday party hours before Berg's. He loved singing the birthday song to himself and sang "Happy Birthday to Bergie!" and took forever and lots of spit to blow out his three candles. (Oh, maybe that's why no one ate the cake!)

Bergie felt so loved and had such a fun time. It was a great rally! 

We love you so much, Berg! You are such a joy to have in our family! You give great kisses, hugs and always tell us how you love us. We love your smile! You love being with your big brothers and sisters and doing whatever they do, but you will also tell them just what you think. You love it outside and will ask everyone to go out with you. You love to wear sweaters. When I say that you are my baby you say, "No, I am Eben's". You still love your Nay Nay and suck your thumb when you go to bed. You have absolutely no interest in going on the potty. You are beginning to understand who Jesus is and how He loves you. Whatever question we ask about Jesus you tell us how He died on the cross for us. You have a huge vocabulary and can explain things that seem beyond your years. We pray that you will use this talent to spread God's love to many people in your lifetime. You're an extraordinary blessing Berg!


Momacita said...

I wish we could have been there for Berg-a-Boo's special day. He's growing up into such a sweet boy. I love the picture of you and Peter kissing him - what a great expression on his face. He knows that he is loved! Happy Birthday Berg!

The Johnsons said...

Another great party, babe!