Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Jasper's Disasters

On May 3rd, Dada decided to take a much needed break from days and nights of working on all his rental projects and lots of late police work and take us all to Point Defiance for a relaxing walk through the park. The kids especially loved finding all the little ponds and rivers and trying to find a way across them. All the kids, except for Pella, were able to cross this one in the Japanese gardens.
 At the big pond, where all the ducks and turtles and Koi fish are, Jasper tried crossing (in a very mucky part of the pond) and slipped on a mossy rock and got completely soaked.

He ended up taking off all his clothes and wearing Dada's sweatshirt which made him look like a little Jedi. He was mostly sad about the huge bruise on his leg from falling on a rock.

May 6th was super hot, a record setting day for Washington, so Dada set up the sprinkler under the trampoline and let the kids jump! Dada always says you can have the trampoline loaded with kids and if there's no adult no one will get hurt, but as soon as an adult goes to make sure everyone is safe, an injury will occur -so leave the natives alone. Of course, true to Dada's words, I went out to take jumping pictures and catastrophe occurs.

Happy, fun, wet. Jumping, laughing, bouncing. Smack! Jasper's tooth crashes into Kivi's knee. Screaming, crying, bleeding. I thought he must've bit through his lip, but as soon as I see his face I see a gap where just a second ago there was a tooth. I yell, "Oh, wow! His tooth got knocked out! Everyone look for Jasper's tooth."
  This just made Jasper scream more. Instead of comforting and ushering Jasper inside the house right away. I made sure we found the tooth, (it was completely whole!) and got a picture of him with it. Hey, I had the camera right there! What a photo opportunity!

He tried to smile, but he was crying to hard.

The awesome tooth, root skin and gums and all! And it looked just like this, no blood at all.

After a shower, pain medicine and lots of Icys, ice cream and sucking on ice cubes I finally found the end all to the crying - a mirror. Once he saw the cool hole in his mouth, all he could do was stare at it. (The medicine might have been kicking in around that time too.)

He was so calm I could get a shot of the bruised gums and hole left behind.

Way to go tough boy! You lost your first tooth! The tooth fairy even gave him $2.00, probably because it was a way more painful way to lose a tooth and it was a much better specimen than the regular rootless baby teeth she normally receives. She left a note, but we can't read fairy writing.