Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Opal's 6th Birthday Flower Fiesta!

Opal's birthday is actually Feb. 5th, but the 21st was the first weekend we had available to celebrate her big day. We actually threw her a mini surprise breakfast on the 5th but she was so confused and didn't really count it her birthday until she had her party. She wanted a party with a piñata, a cookie cake and flowers, so we decided to have a fiesta! All the kids and I made papel picados out of tissue paper and hung them all over the house. I designed Opal's cake to her specifications and put flowers all over the place too.

We had a delicious meal of enchiladas, quesadillas, refried beans, Spanish rice and chips and homemade pico de gallo and guacamole thanks to Mrs. Schock, Auntie Tonya and Dodie. The best part was the Mexican (non-alcoholic) drink bar with Jarritos of every flavor and horchata.

 Opal invited just the right amount of people for our tiny casa. 

Kivi and Eben made up a Flamenco dance for Opal by watching Youtube videos. They performed it for her and her guests after dinner.

Opal's favorite part was when they spun her all around.

The everlasting piñata took a long time to break open. I now know why they are usually made out of paper maché and not cardboard - so they will break. We had to give it some help by slicing it open with a knife before Eben took his sixth turn. Opal also invented an edible flower craft for the kids to make and we played a little game I remembered from elementary school called "Señorita". 
 Opal picked out snicker doodle, oatmeal white chocolate and pink lemonade as the three flavors for her cookie cake and we frosted it like the Mexican flag. It also had to have her name in purple and pink and a purple flower. It was very colorful! We sang "Happy Birthday" to the 6th year old, ate cookie cake and Mexican popsicles and she opened her presents.

Oh, dear, sweet Opie O you did it. You turned six! It was quite a year! You love the Lord so much and talk about His love for you and others often. You are helpful and sharing and take such good care of your little brother and sister. You are still working on that Happy Heart part, you have great days and hard days. You really like to do things your own way and I know that is going to come in handy in life, but right now we are still trying really hard to help you "Obey, right away" - a phrase you repeat daily and then usually have to run a couple of laps for your strong little will. You are super strong in other ways too. Physically you are crazy strong, you can lift up or cling onto anything especially Mama and Dada and we call you our Little Monkey. You are a strong memorizer in Awana and even got to throw a pie in your leaders face! You've already become a strong skier advancing onto the "big hill" on your second ski trip. You're also a strong reader in Red Phonics level 3.You have moved up to the top bunk so Kivi and Pella can sleep below on the full bed. You have beautiful printing and are great at math doing the same work as Jasper and are amazing at art! We love you, Opal! You are a growing into a strong woman of God, learning to put others needs first and be a servant. Happy Sixth Birthday, Baby!

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