Sunday, August 16, 2015

Berg's Marshmallow Birthday!

On Berg's actual birthday, May 17th, we celebrated our boy turning five! 
He wanted a Marshmallow Party.

The first thing we did was hold a marshmallow survey. Kivi and Opal manned the taste test and guests chose which flavor marshmallow they liked the best.

We built marshmallow and toothpick creations.

Dinner consisted of Berg's choice foods; combo pizza, fruit and marshmallow kabobs, chips and lemonade.

The Marshmallow On a String game was my favorite. Contestants had to try to eat the marshmallow without using their hands. We had a boy, girl and adult divisions. Dada was the ultimate winner!
For dessert we made homemade ice cream sandwiches with marshmallow fluff and roasted s'mores.

I wish I had gotten some better pics of the marshmallow fight. Poppie had made enough marshmallow blow guns for each family to have one and it turned into an all out war! So much for my planned aim at the target game.

We had such a fun time with friends and family who came to love our Berg!

Happy 5th Birthday, Bergie! You are such a joy to have in our family. We love your smiles, hugs, encouragement and sharing attitude. You are still the best to cuddle and squish, thus you are the Squishy. You are an amazing reader. You are self motivated and have learned so many new things all on your own! You pick out some great outfits - most of which include plaid shorts. You still love your Nay Nay and playing video games with Eben is one of your favorite past times. You hate water. You like order and rules and are very good at following them. You are a great example of Jesus' love and a light for Him in our family and for the world. We love you, Berg!

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