Thursday, April 27, 2017

Happy Hummingbird, Butterfly Ninth, Opal!

Opal decided on a Hummingbird, Butterfly party to celebrate her ninth year! We threw her a beautiful tea party with lots of sweet decorations and made many banners, coffee filter butterflies and hummingbirds. 
When the girls first arrived we also made some coffee filter crafts and cut-out bird and butterfly crafts.
Then we had our delicious birthday tea lunch. Scones, eclairs, cheesecakes, three types of tea sandwiches, fruit and of course a self service tea bar with plenty of cream and sugar.
Opal enjoying a cheesecake treat.
After the tea, Dada hid a butterfly in the yard and the winner got the largest candy hummingbird egg - (a Cadbury egg) it took them almost an hour to find it, of course some of them got side tracked and played out there, but they loved it and even wanted to do it a second time.

Then all of the families came and we celebrated with a caramel brownie as a cake and opened presents.
Then we attempted to let kids hit the butterfly piñata, but it only made it through two kids and Opal smashed it open. Fastest piñata ever.
Opal's Ninth Birthday Kissing Picture!

Opal Whitney Johnson. Our one and only O. You can be the sweetest little lollipop girl or the roughest toughest cowgirl this side of the Mississippi. You can give, love, lead and serve one day and and want a day all to yourself the next. You keep us guessing all the time. We never know. You love doll house, Kivi, your Coally, eating sweets, Studio C, tea for snack and make-up with Pella. You are doing 4th grade math with Jasper, T&T in Awana and read excellently. You surprise us, delight us, frustrate us and enlighten us. You grow us in so many ways. You teach us. You keep us close to God. If we didn't have you we might think we're doing all this parenting by our own power. But you help us know that we don't know everything. We will never be the reason that you kids are amazing. We are all God's children and we need Him everyday. He's the One who has this life stuff all under control, not us. Trust Him and you'll do great! We love you, Opie! Happy 9th Birthday!

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