Thursday, April 27, 2017

Our Valentine's Trip to San Antonio!

Peter had been to this Texas city for a work conference and thought I would love it. He was right! It was beautiful, I loved the Riverwalk, and the history of the town was amazing.

On the way there, Peter got us bumped up to first class. My first time flying this way - ever. Big seats, warm towels and our own highly guarded bathroom. OOoooo.

The first thing we did was walk along the Riverwalk. Actually we did this every day. I wanted to walk the whole thing, but it was 15 miles, soooo that didn't happen.

San Fernando Cathedral was beautiful. We visited it three times. It's the resting site of the men who defended the Alamo. And they have an amazing digital light and musical show that projects onto the building and follows the contours of the architechture which tells the story of San Antonio.

The next day Peter took me to Lola's for their biggest cinnamon roll in the world. (It was also my breakfast the next day and we still ended up throwing out half of it. It was huge.) We also spent a long time at the Buckhorn Saloon. 
Then we went on our Segway tour all around San Antonio. I think this was the most fun way to see a city ever. The next day we spent at the Alamo and walked a lot. We went to an up and coming little town to have some lunch and macaroons.

The last day of our little get a way we felt like we had sucked the marrow out of San Antonio so we rented a car, drove 3 hours up to Waco and went to Magnolia Farms! I love Fixer Upper, Peter loves me and it was Valentine's Day. As we were talking to the kids and taking this photo in front of the silos, Chip and Joanna's manger came up to us and asked if we wanted a tour of the roof and behind the scenes! Of course we said, "Yes!", and hung up on the kids.
Here's our little tour group on the roof and Peter and I sitting at Chip's personal desk. Even the work space behind the scenes was decorated, neat and orderly with cute antique furniture and sweet flowers hanging in rows. The conference room looked like a big dining room.

So after the tour, going to the shop, eating at a couple of the food trucks and getting cupcakes from the new bakery, we started the 3 hour drive back, got to the airport and flew home!

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