Saturday, September 21, 2019

April 2019!

April 1 - Our time in Bend, OR.  (Kivi went on a different family's vacation.) Dada went skiing at Bachelor with Eben and Jasper and Mama did lots of little kids games, snacks, kid shows, baths and naps at the house and we went out for ice cream. A unique thing about this vacation is that Mama had all of the kids pack their clothes and ski clothes and then she forgot to put them in the van. So they only had the clothes that they wore on the drive. We tried to buy them some warm clothes at Walmart and Goodwill, but they only had summer clothes! We did find a ski suit for Berg/Opal and Jasper.
April 2 On our way home from Bend we got ourselves a membership to the High Desert Museum. It's cheaper for a family of our size to buy a membership anywhere than to just pay for a one day ticket for everyone!
April 3 - Jasper builds a floating hallway fort.
April 5 - Sand time for babies and resurrection roll making.
April 6 Passover at the Strongs. Jeremy led us in a real Seder! We've just done them ourselves before, not always correctly, but now we know, from our real Jewish friend how to pronounce things and how to actually do them. We also learned some fun, new Hebrew songs that the kids get to act out. Jasper found the Afikomen!
April 7 - Opal makes giant meringues. 
April 10 - Pella gets another verse pin in Awana for saying a huge chunk of scripture without any mistakes.
April 12 - At Co-op we learn about Uganda from the Ayer family.
April 14  - The first day of Holy Week! Nonnie and Poppie take the boys to the zoo.
April 15 - The big kids get to have a mock trial at the capitol building, while I took the littles and the Ayers to the children's museum. Sadly, Coal fell and got a gash in his head before we even went inside, but he was a trooper and played happily. Later that day our friend helped blast the rocks out of his head with syringes and glued it back together. Coal kept saying in his sweet voice, "Oh my goodness, oh my goodness." Then we opened our pre-Easter presents/outfits.
April 17 - Chuck E Cheese's is a great place to go on a Wednesday morning when everyone else is in school! We have the place to ourselves. That night was Giant Cookie night at Awana.
April 20 - Opal, Pella, Tuff and Swiggy go to a local church's egg hunt and get tons of candy.
April 21 - Ressurection Sunday!! We get dressed up, go to church, have our pictures taken, then play games, find our Easter baskets and many other presents, like new mattresses for some, and have a yummy linner while holding all the new babies!  He is Risen!

April 22 - Baby Hazel, our grand niece, is born! We get to see her in the hospital.
April 26 - Co-op at the Colombian Restaurant. We learn how to make empanadas and all about the country from the Bullocks. That evening we celebrate Berg's 9th birthday with a Mario Party theme. Because of course, he wanted to play video games the whole time. They did stop to eat some corndogs and fries and have ice cream sundaes. But mainly it was video games. Ah, boy heaven.
Berg, you sweet, sweet man! You are so responsible, loving, caring and gentle. You love your Swiggy immensely and the rest of your siblings, too. You love to play games, both video and board and you usually win. (We don't know how because you give everyone whatever they ask for! I think it's God's blessing on you for being so generous.) You share with everyone. You even give toys away. You are fine with being last and rarely do we ever hear you complain. You love to get your work done quickly, so you can move on to free time. You are very brilliant. We love you, Bergie and we love to see how you love others. You are an amazing witness for Jesus! Happy 9th Birthday!

April 28 - The cousins meet baby Hazel!

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