Thursday, September 19, 2019

March 2019!

March 1 Baby Brons' is born!
March 3 Eben and Kivi's fist murder mystery
March 5 picnic lunch
March 6 Tuff and Coal give Mama a tour of their forts and explain nature
Crazy Hair Night at Awana
March 9 Coal's Third Birthday! He wanted a volcano party and that's what we did! Mama made a volcano cake complete with dry ice lava, which he loved! We had his favorite, quesadillas for dinner. The kids all got into teams and constructed volcanos with recycled materials around a soda bottle and then we dropped mentos into them to see which volcano would explode the highest, however, Mama bought the wrong kind of soda. Cheap grape and orange don't make great volcanoes. Now we know. Then we all formed our own mini volcanoes out of brownies and put lava frosting on top for dessert.
Coaly, we love you so much! You are such a joy! You love your siblings and follow Tuff everywhere and try to do what he does, which is going to get you into trouble at some point we're sure. But you do understand right from wrong and have a good sense of when you need to say sorry and what the right thing to do is. You share well and love to play with your brothers during basement time. You love stories and building and Wednesdays with Nonnie, opocuses, volcanoes and all toys. You love to hide things under your pillow and have a growing collection of toys in your bed. You sleep on the bottom bunk opposite of Tuff. Your smile is infectious! We pray you will use it to win others to Christ and spread His joy to the world! Happy 3rd Birthday, Coal!

March 10 Eating the big volcano cake
March 13 Homeschool set up, boys play, Kivi track meet
March 16 Fondue and The Atlantis Escape Room for Niki's birthday
March 18 Skiing with Poppie and Nonnie and making room for Mama's new greenhouse!
March 20 Nonnie brought shaving cream!

March 21 Dada on bike patrol
March 22 Homeschool Co-op Gardening day. We transplanted seedlings, demolished the porch and cleared the big rocks and Mama and Dada put together the greenhouse that evening!
March 23 Homeschool Tea Time
March 24 Solid Rock Cafe musical at LC3 that Mama directed, Berg, Pella and Opal acted and sang in, and Kivi and Jasper helped do choreography and sets. Then we went to the Spaghetti Factory afterward.
March 26 Eben and Karl finish their rainbow Ripstik project
March 28-April 2nd Bend, OR
March 29 Skiing with the Jasper, Opal and Pella. Dada tried to ski with Coal, but he wanted nothing to do with it. Eben and Berg stayed with the Tuff and Flint. (Kivi went on a different vacation with the Schocks.)
March 30 Walk around Bend, play at the pirate playground, eat at the food trucks.
March 31 Berg, Pella, Eben, Jasper, Dada and B-Dog do more skiing. That night Mama took Opal, Berg and Pella to see Dumbo.

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