Thursday, September 19, 2019

February 2019!

Feb. 2 Skiing!
Feb. 3 Super Bowl party at the Adams
Feb. 4 Last day with Isabella
Feb. 5 Tiny igloos and snow dessert
Feb. 6 AAA Buffet for Mimi and Opal's birthdays, Silly Swig and Awana Youth game
Feb. 7 Dada bike ride with the boys
Feb. 8 Dada bike ride with the Mama, kids make snowbabies
Feb. 9 Sledding, Swiggy sized igloo, Schock snow day, big igloo making, games and girls sleep in their igloo all night.
Feb. 10 More Snow Days - snowed in!
Feb. 13 Meet our new niece, Solly! Missed her birth because of snow!
Feb. 15 Opal gets a massage table!
Feb. 16 Opal's 11th Birthday party!  This year Mama spent a ton of time making an Atlantis themed escape room for Opal's big day. She wanted her theme to be underwater and have a slide down to the basement, which Jasper built for her out of tons of cardboard. While one team tried to save Atlantis the other team was working on their graham cracker Atlantis creations. She chose spanakopita and Italian sodas and brownies. 
Opie girl! You're eleven! You love to give massages and have been getting lessons from Miss Tony every time she comes to give Mama or Dada a massage. You have very strong hands! And a very strong personality. You like to be in control and are a good leader with the little people. You have been doing 6th-grade work all year. You are very brilliant. You would choose to sleep or snuggle with your nay-nay however if given the chance over school any day. You love Minecraft and candy. You are doing great at Awana and have lots of friends through church. We love you, Opal. You grow us. We pray that you will grow into a woman who loves Jesus and wants to please Him with your life. He's the only one who really matters, who you can trust and who loves you perfectly.
Happy 11th Birthday, Opie-O!

Feb. 15-18 Eben goes to H.S. Winter Camp and apparently spends most of his time igloo!
Feb. 21 Mama and Kivi go to a painting class with the Holmes.
Feb. 23 Kivi goes to Lakes Tolo and brings Jolie.
Feb. 24 More skiing and brothers play.
Feb. 25 Swiggy in the basement. (The 3 little boys play down there for an hour every day while I teach the middles. They do amazing!)
Feb. 26 Portraits! Dada bought Mama a portrait lens!
Feb. 27 Swiggy's first steps!

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