Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Lady and Gentleman

The rest of March included many dress up activities. Eben has already used his Easter jacket more times than I intended. We are definitely getting our 4 dollars worth out of it!

#1 - March 19th - Grace's birthday, a princess tea party. I took pictures at home of the prince and princess, cause they were so cute! And I know that when they get older, I can kiss seeing these kind of pictures (kissing and hand holding) goodbye. Which, is probably a good thing. They are brother and sister after all.

#2 - March 21st - Mary Cassio (now Moralez) Wedding - Eben was so excited to go. His first wedding. As he watched her walk down the isle he whispered to me, "Why does she still look like Mary?"  I guess he thought that once you get married, you look completely different. I don't know, but I thought it was funny. He was such a little gentleman.  Before we left for the wedding Jasper kept telling Eben, "You handsome, Eben. You handome!"
#3 March 29th - The Princess House - Well, that's not what it's called, but I can't remember the name.  Adeliz told us about this cute place where you can go for free!  We met a Alice, heard her sing and tell a story, had a little tea party, made bracelets and danced.


Crystal said...

Those are some cute pics! I love the one with Kivi and her dress. Looks like a pic you would get on your wedding day:)

Deb said...

cute pictures!!! I'd love some info on the princess house..have 3 of my own and all :-)

Mashel said...

so cute! I love them.

Auntie Tonya said...

So sweet -- I do have visions of them on their wedding days :)