Thursday, April 16, 2009

We Love A Parade!

On April 4th we went to the Daffodil parade in Tacoma with our HFG. Our mission was to be kind to random strangers and help our kids learn to serve and give. So we handed out free coffee. Eben was great at telling people about it. Kivi smiled at people. Jasper kept getting lost. (And random strangers were kind to us and returned him.) And Opal sat for an amazingly long time and just watched the parade. We were in awe of her attention span.

Mr. Nevil, Dada and Opal handing out coffee.

A family shot before the parade started.

The Parade!!!
Their favorite parts were the cow and chick, the princesses, and the balloon swords. The mini YMCA carnival across the street was a lot of fun too. My favorite part was dancing, I mean watching them dance whenever a band passed by.


Jeremy and Laura Lebow said...

Nice! How fun that your baby has a long attention span. AND that she is willing to sleep for five hours when you get back. :) hey, how do you make those collage things?

Auntie Tonya said...

I love the family pic before the parade. Have you guys ever been to the JR Daffodil parade?

Deb said...

What a great idea! Way to go HFG! :-)

Cheryl, Casey, Jett and Granger Haun said...

Peter and Abbby, Wenzel just told me about your blog... Y'all have the most beautiful family - lots of fun, I can tell :) So good to see and read about what's going on with you. -Cheryl Nicholas Haun