Tuesday, July 26, 2011

June Pictures

It's already been too long, so I don't even remember all the goings on of June. But thanks to photos I can recall some fun things:

Of course, shows! Many, many shows are performed here daily. This one was of the three princesses and then a solo performance by Opal - a song called Butterfly.

A happy Berg inside his playpen. We tried a new rule of keeping Berg on the carpet upstairs. So whenever he crawled off the carpet we'd just put him in the playpen. But really liked the playpen and he liked to crawl even more, so the plan didn't really work. After our CA trip at the end of June, we put the playpen away and just let him crawl all over, teaching him what he can and can't touch. We're not big fans of baby-proofing over here.

We are in support of teaching the kids how to properly handle large weapons.

We hosted our small group at the Lake Louise Fishing Derby. Sadly, they didn't stock the lake with fish this year so no one in our group caught any fish. But we had a good breakfast on the beach and a fun morning paddle boating and playing the sand.

I finally got Berg's 4 month baby picture printed and framed on my Grandpa's old lenses that went with his huge stand up accordion style camera. But now I have nowhere to put them all. I've run out of wall space so they're sitting on the mantel for the time being.

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Unknown said...

I love love love the way you did those baby pics with every one of your children. it is so awesome to look back and see how alike or different each child was. I miss you. wonder who the next baby will resemble the most... :) any joyous news on that subject???????