Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kivi's Ballet Recital

Kivi had her first ballet recital on June 4th! She was so excited and ready to do this dance, especially since she got to perform on the stage of the Pantages theater in Tacoma. And the cute mermaid costume was pretty fun too! We took all the kids to see her perform the dress rehearsal the day before since tickets to the actual show were so much money. And they loved watching their sister dance. The night of the performance, Kivi and Mama went through the labyrinth behind the stage and got Kivi all ready, putting on her costume, fixing her hair, and applying tons of make-up - per Miss Jo's instruction.
She loved it! And had to look at her transformed self in the mirror striking all sorts of poses.
Her class before the performance. They were the littlest ones.
Kivi posing for me on the stage after the show.
She's so cute! And she did such a great job! Afterward, Grandpa and Grandpa gave her a rose and we took her get a strawberry shake, which she couldn't finish because it was almost 10pm and she fell asleep in the car.
Here it is, it's very short, but so cute. Kivi's the fourth tallest in the line.

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Tiffany Nevil said...

WOW! Great job Kivi! She clearly knew what she was doing more than any of the other girls! What a performance! And her make up looked great. Very graceful and pretty Miss Kivi!