Saturday, September 26, 2015

Kivi's 10th Birthday!

On Kivi's actual birthday we had our "pretend cousins", the Schocks, come over for swimming and Kivi's favorite dessert raspberry bars.

On the day of her party, just three days later, her real cousin, Emma, surprised her with her pet hedgehog, Luna. Kivi's the only one who can hold her without getting prickled. She was super excited to have this cute little pet.

That morning we had her friends come over and make trail mix and pack their bags for the big hike. Kivi opened presents and then we were on our way. Auntie Tonya and Uncle Chris stayed with the three littles. Dada chose Spray Park Falls to hike to and it was beautiful! It was quite a hike! There were lots of little bridges to go across, steep ravines, scrambling up rocks and gorgeous views!

There was no real pathway up to the falls so we just tried not to fall as we made our way up the slimy rocks and got soaked by the falls as we sang "Happy Birthday" to Kivi although we could barely hear each other yell as the water was so loud.

We hiked up a bit farther from the falls and stopped at a serene meadow to eat our lunch or MRE's Dada had collected as many as he could from friends and each girl got to pick one for her lunch. Some were OK and some were...gross. But they all loved how much stuff was in each one, especially the condiment pack with the cute bottles of tabasco sauce. You'd of thought they all won a prize. We stuck a candle in one of the desserts and sang again as Kivi blew it out. 

We hiked back down the mountain and then cooled off by swimming in Lake Mowich. It was a long fun day of celebrating our adventurous girl!

 Kivi, you are ten! How'd that happen? It seemed like just the other day you were a little purple newborn on the kitchen floor! Now you are tall, smart and beautiful inside and out! You are growing up so fast. You are a part of so many ministries. You bake for our Cookie Ministry, serve on two different Serve Teams one for Promiseland and one for Awana, you are doing T&T, help with babies and toddlers at church and are are crucial here for the running of our home, too! I don't know what we'd do without you! You are loving, caring, kind, helpful, brilliant, friendly and you love Jesus. You are an amazing daughter. We love you, Kivi! Happy Birthday.

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