Friday, September 11, 2015

Opal's California

First, I think we went swimming in the morning in Nonnie and Poppie's pool. Then we practiced swimming. I played doll house with Buggy when she got home. Jasper played a little bit. Then Buggy had to go. We got to go bowling and Buggy beat Uncle Kookie for the first time! I think Jasper won. After that we went swimming and that's when Nonnie helped me swim. Then we got out and we ate lunch. 

Nonnie and Poppie said, "In the morning we're going to go to somewhere that Kivi and Eben would say, ' What? They got to go there?'" We kept guessing. When we got there there their was a huge line. We met some people and they were really nice. Nonnie and Poppie said to them, "If you can open the gates, we'll let you go first." We finally got to go in to Knott's Berry Farm like after an hour. We sat on this bench next to this fountain. It was beautiful. It was surrounded with flowers and in the middle there was a big, cement statue, I don't know what it was. There was a stone bench all around it and we sat on that bench and we sat down and asked some people to take all these pictures of us. 

We finally went on a water ride and Jasper and Nonnie got the wettest. We got out. 

We went to the little kid land and we went on Mud Bucky's. It was so bumpy that afterward our bottoms hurt so bad. Me and Jasper got our own car. Jasper went in the back and I went in the front. And then there were two steering wheels in the front and back so we both got to drive two steering wheels. 

Afterwards we tried to go on the ferris wheel, but it took too long because there was a long line. After lots of rides that were really fun, Nonnie and Poppie said that we could each buy a rock for at least five or six dollars. Jasper bought a Jasper egg and I got an Amber. Then we got Nonnie and Poppie to do one more ride for Jasper because Jasper and Poppie really wanted to go on it. While the ride was going, it was kind of short, but it was kind of fun because the seats spun so fast around and it kind of went upside down. Nonnie and I both closed our eyes for the whole ride. Nonnie let us have a lollipop in the car. We had a great time. It was really fun!

The next day, we went swimming. We played with Buggy. I took a bath and then Nonnie did my hair. That night we went swimming with Uncle Kookie and Buggy then we ate ice cream and played with the music thingy and toys. 

The last day we went to the beach and Nonnie called them drippy ice cream cones because they dripped so much. Nonnie had to eat like half of mine because it was so big and I couldn't eat it all myself. Then we went swimming. It was really cold. After a while, we got out because it was so freezing. We built a whole race track on the sand and me a Jasper built this well and then we met this guy. He was really nice. He had black hair and he kept calling Jasper "Dude". We had lunch there and met Nonnie friend. Then we went home. 

Then after that we got ready for the fair. Nonnie and Poppie got popcorn. Brilely and Tanner and Uncle Kookie and Buggy came and we all watched the fireworks. Everyone except for me and Nonnie kept eating so much popcorn before the fireworks show. We were trying to save it for the show. But then Nonnie ate it all, too. Me and Jasper got to decide if we wanted tattoos on our faces. I got one, but Jasper said, "No". 

When we got home we got packed up and then went to sleep and in the morning we went to Washington. Our drive was awesome.

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