Saturday, December 19, 2015

Baby Thumper is Coming!

Praise God! We made it to our third month of pregnancy! 

I got extremely sick at our friends' house, the week before and thought for sure we were having a miscarriage. After a visit to the midwife confirmed that Baby Thumper was alive and well, we came home to tell the kids. We stopped at the Dollar Tree first and picked up some frames to write numbers. We told the kids we wanted to take their picture by the lake and had them sit on the grass and hold their number. Then as I was clicking away I held the number 8 by my belly. Kivi and Eben got it right away and Jasper and Opal soon caught on, but Berg and Pella had no idea what the hoopla was all about and Tuff just loved holding his number. Then they all ran up and hugged and kissed me. It was super great. I love how excited they all get about having a new sibling!

Taking their picture:

Holding up the #8 sign:

Running up to Mama after they figure out our clue:
Then we took a picture together so we could announce our new little Thumper to everyone.

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