Thursday, December 17, 2015

The New House - First Days

Our first meal in our new house was brought to us by our amazing hosts, the Millers! So sweet!

For the next couple weeks, we did no homeschool. I tried to begin demo on the projects that I knew I wanted done, and Peter tried to stop me from ruining our house and do "one project at a time!" So I settled on painting the boys' room and girls' room and getting those ready to put their beds into. The kids had a great time hiding in our crazily placed stuff. This is the living room. (All of our stuff was put into the garage and living room on moving day since we couldn't put it all throughout the house yet.)

They also fully explored UNDER the house! They loved the crawl space and spent hours down there. Probably because we told them that the previous owners told us about a secret passage that the house has and they were determined to find it.

The kids were super helpful bringing in boxes from the garage and trying to find a spot for the stuff. Shari came, thankfully and helped us get our kitchen in order.

Until their rooms were ready, all the kids slept in our bedroom, which is ginormous and fit us all quite well, although, after a couple of weeks Dada was pretty ready for them all to have their own place.

Our house was a mess for a very long while, but we are so blessed. God allowed everything to go just as we needed it. It wasn't the way we thought it would go, but it was the way God knew it should go. It grew us and helped us rely on Him. The whole process, although long, was a blessing and we are so happy to have this house and wake up every morning to this:

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