Thursday, December 17, 2015

Moving Month!

September was Moving Month at the Johnson household. The slowest move ever! Between trying to homeschool, fixing up the house, Peter working every day and packing it just kind of felt like we were trying to do everything and accomplishing nothing. But slowly, we got through it. Actually, homeschool became all about moving, not so much school. After moving tons of stuff into the Schock's garage and into the Erickson's trailer, we got as much as we could into boxes and waited until moving day came.

Finally after church on Sept. 13th we were able to move our stuff out of our house and onto the property of our new location. Our wonderful friends came out to help us and it was a way bigger job than I envisioned. We thought we had everything ready to go and then there was just so much more "stuff" still to pack up.

We stayed in our empty house for 7 days until we had to get out completely because the new family was moving in.  I took the kids to church during the days so we could have a table and chairs to sit at and eat and do school work. On the 19th we said goodbye to our home of 10 years on beautiful Lake Louise. 

We took the kids over to our new house on Lake Steilacoom to see completely for the first time. But we still couldn't move in until all the paperwork was complete.

The tour of our new home before we moved in:

Our friends and new neighbors to be, the Millers, were so gracious and let us all sleep at there house for a couple of nights until we could move into our new place.

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