Friday, January 24, 2020

Day 4 - Israel Anniversary Trip!

Sun. May 12, 2019
We woke up at 5:00 so that we could be up with the sun floating in the Dead Sea. The Wells were the only ones that joined us for this magnificent memory. Thankfully one other couple was there also, but the wife didn't want to float and she asked if we wanted her to take our picture. So we were able to have amazing photos of our float with the sun just rising over the hills!
We come back for breakfast at our hotel and got ready for our hike up Masada to see Herod's palace. The brave hikers of the group were us, the Wells, the Ourys, the Pritchards, the Durrs, Dan, and Tyler. We explored all over and found the lower terrace with Tyler and Tony.
En Gedi, where David cut off part of Saul's robe while he was relieving himself in the cave, we hiked and saw and played in some waterfalls and drank a delicious mango drink. It was beautiful!
At the Jordan river, we heard all of the people's testimonies who were going to get baptized for the first time. Then we dunked in the murky waters while Jordanian soldiers watched from the other side of the river. So many groups were there to get baptized that we had to wait a while and some forceful preachers shoved their way into the water. Our guide, Eli, was the most patient man. Wherever we went he made sure to be polite and let other groups go first. A true Christian.
At Genesis Land we rode camels (which was quite an experience, especially the getting on and off the camel part!) down to our interactive dinner in a tent where Abraham was there to greet us! It was a memorable meal that we ate on pillows on the ground semi-dressed in our Biblical garb. We dined on honey-date chicken, rice, pitas, shepherd's bread, hummus, meat kabobs, toppings, and dried fruit, tea and coffee for dessert. It was the best meal of the trip.
After this, we went to a gift shop in Jerusalem which was owned by a Christian Arab. I didn't buy anything but got the owner to pay me for throwing away his trash.
We went to our hotel, the Dan Jerusalem which was full of teen soldiers since they have to serve at the age of 18. We went to dinner and then went to the spa with the Durrs, Wells, and Knacks. I did my nails and went in the hot tub.

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