Sunday, May 29, 2011

Baby Wormie

On May 4th I go to the doctor and find out we are pregnant with #6! On May 5th Peter and I go in for an ultrasound and find out we are almost 3 months along! (*We had miscarried on Valentine's Day and were just waiting for things to start going again.) And on May 6th at church I randomly tell the whole congregation we are expecting. The prize of a candy necklace was on the line for the mom with the most kids. I surprise myself over dumb competition all the time. I sit down and Peter says, "Well now we have to tell our families." And Eben, who is also in big church looks over with this, what's going on look. So on the way home we tell our kids and let them each have a 3D ultrasound picture to see Baby Wormie (Yeah, that's what Peter named this one - because she was wiggling so much like a worm.) And it worked out lovely because the next day was Mother's Day and we told our families.

*We don't usually tell people we are pregnant just in case we have a miscarriage, they are way more likely to happen before 12 weeks. So #1 it's rare to tell people we had one and #2 it's even more strange to tell people we're pregnant even 3 days before 12 weeks. My relationship with God is an amazing gift and my faith in His plans has kept me thankful and full of joy during this time. A peek into Abby's mental and emotional life:

My prayer journal entry from February 15th 2011:

God, You are a great, great God. Even in tragedy I rejoice in You. Even through this loss I have joy because I know You and Your plans are greater. You know my heart and my desires. You want to make me happy because You love me. Death and destruction will happen in this world because it's fallen and that's OK because I know You're here with me. You carry me, You hold me and You know what's best for me. Thank You for the short little pregnancy - I always love to be pregnant and thank You for taking care of the baby better than I ever could. I praise You for any choice You make in my life and I give myself fully to You. Help me follow Your will. Lead me in Your ways. Help me lead and Peter lead our family closer to You. Be with Eben, Kivi, Jasper, Opal and Berg. Help them grow into men and women who are excited and ready to serve You and love others. Make our family ready for Your plans for us. I love You. Amen.


Cedar said...

Congratulations! I'm pretty sure none of my children know the word umbilical cord (it just doesn't come up here all that often)!

Good thing there are so many different words for Rock! Thanks for sharing your exciting news here in blog land!

Tiffany Nevil said...

Congrats guys! I'm super happy for you. Abby, your journal entry was so touching and really encouraged me. I am sad today and it made me smile. Thanks! Hope the pregnancy continues to go well. Love you guys! Tiff

feiane (fe-yan) said...

congratulations!.... you have a wonderful family... love seeing kids smiling... stay happy and healthy!

feiane (fe-yan) said...

been following you now.... i want to see all your kids growing.... one mega family.

Rachel said...

Congrats on your new baby wormie :) How exciting!

John / Debby Laurie said...

Mom & Dad: You continue to make this Planet a much nicer place to be! Bless your months ahead; may God continue to delight your hearts with His goodness! Celebrating with you!

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Unknown said...

oh, honey, I am so sorry about your loss! we recently had 2 losses here too - miscarriage end of May; miscarriage end of July. so I know how that feels. BUT hooray on BABY #6! YAY!!!! praying he/she is healthy and happy and sticks around the full 9 months to completion. hugs.