Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Baskets and Hunts

Basket of kids
Our traditional kids in the basket picture for 2011. This is the first year they officially didn't all fit inside.

After the basket pic the kids all jumped on the trampoline, and even sat still for a while to let Berg try it out for the first time. Any time we get any sun, the trampoline is the desired outdoor activity. Their favorite game they play on it is called "the game". I don't really get how it works, but they do and they love it.

Night Hunt
From all the Easter egg hunts we've been to in the previous years, we had quite a collection of eggs. So the kids and I spent a night stuffing all our eggs with candy. We were able to use them after an Awana night at the Schocks with our small group kids. We had the kids find one egg and then run it to their family basket, which the mamas stood in front of, before getting another one. It worked so well. We kept yelling, "Get the egg to your Mama!" Everyone found many eggs and we were able to share our collection of candy as a family since all the kids worked together.

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Tiffany Nevil said...

I bet you tried to fit those kids in the basket anyway!!!