Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sheep Farm!

My wonderful hubby was going to surprise me with this amazing trip to the sheep farm (his plan for pacifying my want for sheep), but as it was in the middle of Holy Week, actually on the day I was going to have Passover, I freaked out when I saw he had "Solstice Training" on Thursday and Friday. He pulled up the website of the sheep farm called Solstice Farms and I put it together that I had just ruined my surprise. It turned out to be a good thing. If he had tried to tell me on our Passover day that we were not going to have Passover I might have passed out. So we switched Passover to Tuesday and left for the farm on Thursday. We left Opal and Berg with the (Thank you, Schocks!) and headed over the bridge with Eben, Kivi and Jasper.

Solstice Farms is actually a B&B, so we brought our things into the house, checked out our room and got the run down of the rules (the people who had there just before us has kids who were so rowdy they had to leave). Then we walked around the farm and said hello to the sheep and chickens and neighboring buffalo. The kids won over the B&B keepers and even let them collect the eggs that they sell in town.

Next we headed to Port Townsend, and covered every inch of the old Fort Warden bunkers. The kids both loved and were scared to death of the pitch black mazes. Good thing Dada had his iPhone to lead the way!

After dinner at the cute and hippy Owl Spirit restaurant, we got the kids ice cream/gelato. And of course Dada bought Mama candy! Sea foam!

Back at the farm that night, we went to say goodnight to the sheep and lambs who had come into the barn for the night. Peter's plan was to come and watch a sheep give birth. But all of the sheep had already had their lambs which meant we didn't get to help out with a sheep delivery, but we got to see a lot babies! Jasper was the great sheep farmer. Even the farmers were amazed that so many lambs let him pet them.

The next morning, we got up early so we could feed the lambs their bottles.

They drank up that milk so fast!

After a yummy breakfast of Dutch babies and some reading time for the kids we went out into the field to hang out with the sheep.

After a little hike to the creek we went back to Port Townsend for some cheese from the local creamery and crepes for lunch before heading home.

Thank you, Babe for our fun sheep farm experience! I loved it! (But I don't know if your plan worked, I think it just made me want sheep even more!)


jeremy nevil said...

I think if you keep wanting these things you'll have to face the fact that you need to MOVE! He he he he he...get a nice ranch out in Puyallup, would ya? Maybe in like Eatonville, Enumclaw or one of those E places.....

jeremy nevil said...

and that was Tiffany Nevil who said that!