Sunday, August 16, 2015

Awana Awards Night!

This year our kids did some amazing things in Awana! We love Awana because it helps us hide God's Word in our hearts. We work on our Awana verses everyday at home and when our kids get to church on Wednesday night it shows. They have God's Word ready. Berg and Pella completed their second and first years of Cubbies, respectively.  The Cubbies all work on their verses together and go at the same pace.

Opal earned her Second Book Award in Sparks!

Jasper got his Sparky plaque for finishing all of the Sparks books!

Kivi, our over achiever, was called up at the end of all the TNT awards by herself because she worked super hard this year. She was able to go back through all four of the TNT books she finished last year and do the Silvers for books 1-4 and Golds for books 1-3. The Silvers are review verses and new verses that have to be said at the same time for the whole discovery  (1 question, 4 answers and about 8 verses) and the Golds are projects related to serving, missions, essays, letters, craft projects, journaling and Bible reading. Some of these can take up to 3 months just to finish one section! The very last Gold of each book has the kids recite the whole book (Four theological questions, thirty-two answers and thirty-two verses each) which she did in one setting so she also earned 3 review patches, which have to be ordered because no one has done this yet. We are super excited to see how God uses this girl and her amazing memory skills.

Then Mr. Knack called Eben up to the stage all by himself and he was given his awards, too! He finished his fourth TNT book and completed his first Gold! This is huge for him because he wasn't even in TNT this year!

Actually, both he and Kivi were able to join a special Serve Team with Mr. Edgren as their leader because they had both finished the 3rd TNT book the year before. Instead of doing TNT each Wed. night, they completed service projects or put on skits for Awana. This was a great opportunity for them both, but also made it more difficult to say their verses as they had to seek out someone to listen to them after Awana each time. We would have to stay after for at least 30 min. each Wed. But they persevered and got it done!

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