Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Goat Farm

On June 20th, we went on a field trip with our friends, the Holmes, to Left Foot Farms, a cute goat farm. It was $20 a family and we learned a lot about goats! These were the friendliest goats. They loved to be petted and would come up to you to say, "Hi".  Everyone loved the goats, except Berg. He was scared to death! He cried whenever a goat even looked at him. Mr. Holmes had to carry him on his shoulders most of the time.

He was better when we went to the milking area because the goats weren't walking around. We all got to take turns milking the goats with our hands even though that's not the normal routine at the farm. The goats are usually hooked up to a milking machine. We were able to tour that barn, too.

Next, we visited the nursery where the little kids come to get bottle fed. The kids run around and climb on the picnic tables and rub up against you. The human kids loved it. Even Berg got brave and pet the baby goats. Eben loved to lean back and have the kids climb up to his chest and just stand on him.

After a short visit with the farm's chickens, we went to the garden where fresh goat cheese, crackers and goat milk were wait for us. It was delicious! The kids were able to eat anything in the garden, but the favorite was the fresh strawberries. We put goat cheese and a strawberry on a cracker and it tasted just like cheesecake!
 As everyone was started to go home, we noticed it was time to bottle feed the little kids, so I asked if Kivi and I could feed them. Kivi was so excited! We had to hold the kid while we fed them the bottle, and they were greedy little guys. Kivi did great although she found holding the goat with one arm while feeding it a bottle with the other gets very tiring.