Monday, August 17, 2015

June Memories on Lake Louise

I can't believe we didn't paint this house sooner. It actually looks great with the colors we chose. Now that the flowers are blooming and the sun is shining I can't believe were going to move away from this beautiful place!

We haven't seen sun like this  - ever. We must be setting some sort of record here in WA. We've never eaten so many meals outside. Deck dining is a nightly routine.

June 8th- 12th we had Shark Week and learned all we could about sharks, watched movies, built them, made them out of bananas and went to see them at the zoo. (We even got to see the tank behind the scenes at Member's Only Day!)

 Eben and Kivi gave us some oral reports on two missionaries they had been reading about. Also, Eben started going to Middle School youth group on Wednesdays! How did he get so big already?

 More outdoor dining. This time on the dock! Grace and Kivi set up a tea party for Pella, Opal and Megan.

Tuff eats his toes! So it's time for his toe eating picture on June 17th!

Amazing sunsets! I will definitely miss this summer view.

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