Wednesday, October 18, 2017

First 1/2 of August 2017

Aug. 4th - The big kids and Dada all ran the Luma Fun Glow Run 4US  5K while Tuff, Coal and I waited and cheered them on.

Aug 7th - The day after Coal got his 6 shots he broke out with this all over his body!
Kivi and Grace ran a day camp for a week to earn money for their trip to Bolivia in 2018!
All 8 kiddos on the tubes! The babies love it! After we pull all of them we take off Tuff and Coal and let the bigs have a crazy ride.

Aug. 8th - My big, blue-eyed Berg.

Aug. 11th-13th - LC3's Family Reunion at Black Lake Bible Camp! This year Peter and I teamed up with other couples to do skits instead of the traditional programming. 
The Saturday games were tons of fun - especially the foam!

Pella decided that she wanted to be baptized this year and was so super cute and nervous when giving her little testimony.

Aug. 16th - A surprise 4D ultrasound of our Baby Hula due on Nov. 2nd!
The kids all wanted to sleep outside under the stars. We roasted marshmallows first and then tucked them all in. Only Eben and Kivi lasted the whole night.

Aug. 17th - I gave the girls this fairy house and told them to have fun with it outside and they made a whole village. It kept them busy the whole summer.

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