Thursday, October 19, 2017

Kivi's 12th Camping Birthday!

Kivi, again, wanted to go camping for her birthday this year. We had to wait until August to make that happen, but she didn't mind.
She invited four of her close, adventurous friends to join her.
We found a beautiful camp spot at La Wis Wis campground and even though it had no running water, the creek that the girls constantly played in was gorgeous. They found rocks to climb, jump off, slide on and named them all.
We brought meals that could all be roasted over the fire; hot dogs wrapped with crescent rolls for dinner and eggs cooked in the shell for breakfast and of course lots of s'mores. They even tried roasting strawberries. 
Sharpie beards and mustaches while roasting s'mores are a tradition now.
The girls were busy! They played games, played in the creek, went on a long hike with Peter along waterfalls (I slept in the tent.) and even jumped off a huge cliff!
On the way home we stopped by Grove of the Patriarchs, a short hike to some really old pine trees, and painted the scenery. 

Kivi, you are so loved! You have some amazing friends and are a great friend to others. You shine wherever you go. You have an adventurous spirit and are encouraging to others. You try new things, hate to miss out on new opportunities and make everything a competition. You like to win. You like to plan and are a natural leader. You also love to help others and are so wonderful with all your siblings, especially your babies. You are neat, clean and careful but can also be spontaneous and crazy. You have great things planned for serving God's kingdom and I know He will use your talents and love for others for His glory! We love you, Sweet Pea! Happy 12th Birthday!

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