Friday, October 6, 2017

Remodel and Camps

The kitchen remodel on June 21st.

The cage that Jasper built on June 22nd. They loved being trapped! It's been an amazingly warm summer. The kids are still doing school, but play outside in between all the time.

June 24th - the kids helped get rid of the huge pile of debris by cutting it into firewood size pieces and hauling it down to the wood pile.

June 25 - July 1 - The big kids go to Black Lake Bible Camp for the week. There was a cute barn, so we posed for family pic too.

Kivi got to stay in a tepee with her favorite counselor Picasa and 4 other girls from LC3. Jasper and Eben stayed in a wagon with three other LC3 boys and had Baja as a counselor.

They had a fun week! The only pictures I got were these cool ones of them posing with a wolf and an alligator.

Pella and Berg also had camp that week. They went to Rainier View's Drama Camp and gave us a performance on Friday of "Let's Rock". They were both singers.

On June 26th our friends the McPhollands came to visit from Hawaii so we went to the Children's Museum in Olympia that morning, visited Eben, Kivi and Jasper at camp that afternoon and had a bunch of friends over that night for dinner for a reunion.

July 1st - Tuff and Coal love to go in the swing that is attached to the garage. They go in it every day while I quiz Berg on his multiplication cards in the papasan chair outside. This day Tuff fell asleep - so cute.

July 2nd - Mama works hard for a couple of days in a row to put all the kitchen cabinets together. Tuff loves to be a helper, but it's actually Eben and Kivi who do all the heavy lifting for Mama who can't move them once they're assembled.

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