Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Rest of Aug. 2017

August 21st - Our viewing of the eclipse. Eben and Jasper invented some glasses for us so we could stare at the sun and we all went down to the lake and set up theater style seating to watch the minute long show.  We also invented an eclipse dance, similar to the hokey pokey.
Aug. 23 & 26th parties at our house. We have hosted many parties this summer, although we have had no kitchen and are ourselves eating every meal outdoors. But it's been the warmest summer and we've had no rain so it's worked out. These parties are middle school and home school ones.
Aug. 26th - While we were out eating dinner with some friends the kids called to say there was a bat in the house. We told them to leave the back door open and close the door to all the bedrooms. When we got home it was gone, but the kids did a great job not freaking out like I know some adults in this situation have done! They even got some pictures of their new friend. This guy was big!
Aug 29th - Dada tiles the dining room and kitchen floors! Actually, this took almost a month to finish. Every night he'd come home from work mix a 50 lb. bag of mortar and lay two rows.
Sept. 2nd - Nonnie would take the kids, mainly Pella and Berg, to the condo pool and have swimming lessons all through the summer. So they gave us a swimming show.
The Schocks and our big kids, Nonnie, Poppie and Grandpa Schock all went on an excursion floating down the creek from Lake Steilacoom to Chambers Bay. They stopped along the way at Kobiyashi Park where the little kids and I were all waiting with lunch. At the end of the journey most all of the tubes were popped, it was not a well beaten path, but quite the adventure!

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