Saturday, December 31, 2016

June (The WHOLE thing)

June 1st - Pella's First Haircut!
I really didn't want to cut her hair! She still had the cute little baby curls on the end, but she insisted and I gave in. I guess 4 years is a long time to go without ever having a haircut.

Babies in Tuffy's Bed
 I made Tuff's bed out of the boy's room closet and a free crib front that I found on the road. Coal sleeps in a bassinet in our room, but Tuff loves him to lay with him for a little while before he goes to bed.

June 3rd - We found a baby bunny in the middle of the road!
Dada said we could keep him until he died, not knowing if he'd been hit and thinking he'd last a day or so. He lived in a little box for a couple of days, then in our kitchen for a month and now (yes, he's still alive!) he's taken over our master bathroom. He didn't die, yet. He's the sweetest little bunny ever!

June 4th - Playing in the sprinklers (not swimming in the lake) and hosting a Cast Party for the kids' musical.

June 5th - Dada cooks up breakfast!

The day before Dada realized that our BBQ doesn't work and we have a ton of kids coming over for the cast party, so he has to go buy one, but he comes home with the most amazing griddle and got it at a great price because the store was crazy busy, he was patient and he helped out the guy in charge of the BBQ section in the parking lot before he even got in the store and Dada's kindness was rewarded. Yay, Dada! Now we get super yummy pancakes, eggs and bacon in the summer mornings and it makes great dogs and burgers, too!

June 8th - The Ouries come over and cook us up a wonderful Benny Hanna style dinner on Dada's griddle. Everyone loves this thing!

June 9th - Dada takes us to Kobiashi Park in University Place.

I'd never been here before and it's right in our backyard! We end up going many more time this summer. The kids love the gentle creek, building dams, the path and the fun rope ladder to climb at the end and crossing log bridges.

June 11th - Kivi graduates into 6th grade at church!
Even though she's basically been in 6th grade the whole year, (she'd been doing 6th grade work and we'd let her go to youth events with Eben) she was technically still a 5th grader so now it's official. The church gives them a bible and a blessing and welcomes them to sit with their parents in service.

June 12th - We Host the Serve Team and Families Party

June 13th - Sweet Siblings

Eben and Berg Weird Cuteness

Baby Love

June 15th - We Host the Small Group Leaders Party

June 17th - Morning Devotions in the Living Room

June 18th - Happy Coal

This little man has got to be one of the happiest babies ever. He rarely complains and is smiley all the time.

June 19th - Happy Father's Day!

The kids spent the last week making a super cute video for Dada and cards that they brought him in bed.

June 20th - Eben and Kivi win an Essay Contest!
Eben and Kivi both decided to enter a writing contest for the city of Lakewood on their own. There was a special city hall meeting to honor them and reward them with a pizza party, a golden Lakewood coin a book with their essays in them, a certificate and a gift card!

June 21st - LC3 Church Directory Photo
I don't know when we took the photo, but this is that day that we got it! Whoo Hoo! We went Frieda Kahlo style. We wanted people to have to do a double take. I love Pella's pout. The best comment when Peter put this on Facebook was, "This family is usually so happy." Love it!

June 22nd - Little People Fun Summer Time/Eben, Kivi and Jasper go to Computer Clubhouse Camp

Pella and Berg paint pudding frescos while Tuffy had water bin day, we had a Bubble Party and Coal bonds with Mr. Flufferman.

June 26th - Coal Lyon's Baby Dedication

Coal's Life Verse: 1 Corinthians 16:13-14 Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love.

Coal's Blessing: Coal, We ask God to draw you in and keep you in his protection. We pray that you cling tenaciously to Him from this day forward, through times of blessing and times of adversity. May you always turn to God as the source of all strength, all wisdom, all patience, all kindness and all love, and may you be a reflection of His qualities and a witness of God’s glory to all who you meet. We pray that you are a willing lifelong servant and a tool in the hands of the Master, to be used as He sees fit to lead others to know the grace and forgiveness only Christ can bring.

June 26th - July 2nd - Eben, Kivi and Jasper go to Black Lake Bible Camp!

June 27th - 30th - Opal and Berg go to Drama Camp at Rainier View

They both had a solo and loved learning the songs that they performed in a musical on the 30th.

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