Saturday, December 31, 2016

May I? Yes, You MAY.

May18th - Awana Awards Night!

Eben - Serve Team!
Kivi - Serve Team, Milestone 1 for Trek and Meritorious Award 
Jasper - Alpha Award for Truth & Training
Opal - Sparky Award
Berg - Sparky Book 1 Award
Pella - Cubbies Award

Dada - Best T&T Director ever!

May 21st - Eben and Jasper's Maker Fair at Pierce College

Eben's RPG Game that he made.
Kids used a giant controller that he made with a Makey Makey to play it.

Eben's Giant Breadboard

Jasper and Eben's Giant Android Chip

May 22nd - Kidz Under Construction Musical

This year Mama directed the LC3 kids' musical and Marlee choreographed the dances. All the kids' hard work came together in one, super cute, energetic night on the church stage. Props to Dada for doing all the props.

Kivi had been waiting for years for her turn in the spotlight. And this being her final year of Promiseland, she got the main role of Monica, a snotty news reporter who has a change of heart and accepts Christ.

Jasper played Woody, had a duet and danced in the boy dance. 

Opal was on Piper's Team, had a solo, and danced in the girls' dance.

Berg was on Woody's Team, had lipsync part and danced in the boys' dance.

The sand castle song was probably my favorite.  But the stomp was pretty great, too!

At the end, Kivi sang in the microphone while everyone danced and sang the final song, "Praise Him".

May 23 - Lake Steilacoom Kayaking Flower Tour by Dada

May 25th - Jesus Saves Dirty Boys, Too!

May 26th - 30th  - Dada's Lodge Boy Reunion in Santa Barbara (of which he took no pictures)

May 30th - Hold the Coal

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