Wednesday, December 7, 2016


So to make sure that Coal would continue to breath on his own without stopping, and look at his heart a little more, he stayed in his NICU room for a couple more days. Each day he had less wires hooked up to him, he ate more and more from Mama,

and even had his first little sponge bath and turned as red as a lobster!

At one point we heard rumblings of them moving him to another shared nursery, but when we asked one of our doctors if she knew my uncle, they let us stay and we never heard any more about it! (Everyone knew him by the way, he's like a doctor celebrity!)

The mom's of babies in the NICU meet and do crafts and while we were there they made Coal a sign for his room and a whale onesie! 

On March 14, we were able to bring our bundle home!! Goodbye, hospital that was long enough, thank you.

The kids and Poppie and Nonnie, who had been watching the kids after Auntie Tonya and Uncle Chris took the first couple days, made us a welcome home sign! They boogied up here after being told that we were having the baby even though they had just started their first ski run that morning in Mammoth.

All the kids were excited to finally be able to hold their little Coaly even though they had to wear masks for the first week he was home when they held him. Sickness was going through our house and we really didn't want the poor boy to go through more that he had to already.

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