Thursday, December 8, 2016

Resurrection Sunday 2016

First we dress up in our Easter Sunday matching clothes and take pictures by the lake. Good think we already had these clothes from Dodie's wedding! Nonnie made a cute little tie for Coal to match. All the kids used to fit in this basket at one point, now the big five had to stand behind it!

Coal's Easter basket picture for his first Resurrection Sunday! Every baby has had their picture taken in this basket at Easter.

The Nonnie and Poppie picture.

Our first family of ten picture.

This year was full of hunts.

 In the morning, before church the kids had a hunt and found four kayaks on the roof of the garage!
The strong boys carried them all down so the girls didn't have to get their dresses dirty.

Then after church when all the family came over, we had an egg hunt. Dada is telling them about the special golden egg, which cousin Ian found in the bushes.

We had a lovely meal at our two Restoration Hardware tables. (Our first table's finish was scratching off very easily so they replaced it right away, but left us with the original one for a couple of months. They finally came to take the nicked one back after this.)

Then we had the Basket hunt. There were two kid baskets, one with lots of little kid toys and one with two big laptops! And Dada found his basket, too!

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