Saturday, December 31, 2016

Seaside 2016 - Welcome Summer Trip

April 29 - May 2 - Seaside beginning of summer trip!

The first thing we did of course was our Seaside Goodwill trip which we do every time, where each kid gets $5 to spend on a toy of their choice. Then we tried something new! We borrowed our friend's clam guns for this trip and went clamming! I loved it! It was like treasure hunting in the sand. We went down to Gearhart because we heard that there are a lot of clams there.  The kids really enjoyed it too. Well, except for Berg and Tuff. They stayed in the bike trailer the whole time sniffing nay-nay and playing with the Goodwill dino. Coal liked it. He stayed in my jacket.

When we got home Kivi, Dada and Poppie prepared all the clams and made some delicious clam chowder! The girls watched a movie on the ipad with little baby Coal.

Our trip was full of lots of bike rides, 

digging in the sand, s'mores, and of course...

 our daily ice cream trip to the Candy Man's!

Our family on the beach!

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